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Is BadCreditLoans.com Worth It? Expert Review 2020

BadCreditLoans.com Pros And Cons

  • It’s an easy, one step application process
  • The response can be very fast – within the hour in some cases
  • There is no charge to apply
  • No collateral is needed
  • Helpful information on finance is available on the site
  • You may receive a choice of offers
  • You are almost certain to receive at least one loan offer

  • You can still be turned down
  • You don’t know the rate you’ll get until you receive your offer
  • You may receive follow up sales emails
  • Loans may not be available in all states

BadCreditLoans Believe You Have The Second Chance

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if you have a bad credit rating, loans are going to be harder to get. You’ll also be aware that the interest rate on your loan will be higher – perhaps very high. As a person with a less than perfec perfect score, you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The Corporation for Enterprise Development estimates that over half of all American adults, 51%, have a below par credit rating.
money problems
Perhaps you fell behind with payments because you lost your job, became ill, you were divorced, or maybe you simply became overwhelmed by your family’s needs. Perhaps you simply made some poor decisions, and need a second chance. The end result of your financial struggles, a poor credit score, has meant that the usual sources of loans and credit seem to be closed to you.
A staggering 26 million Americans simply have no credit history. They have just never used mainstream credit, and so don’t have any history, good or bad or somewhere in between, for lenders to check out. This makes it almost as hard to get a loan as if you have been a slow or bad payer all your life! But what if a sudden emergency means that after a lifetime of living without credit, you now need to borrow? It seems unfair, but it can be very difficult for people in this kind of situation to access a loan.
You may already have looked online for help, and found yourself faced with a confusing mass of offers, or maybe no offers at all. It can be really hard to decide which lender is right for you, the wording of loan offers can be confusing, and as for that small print! That can be really difficult to understand.
It’s hard to figure out which lender is the right one for you, and even if you decide to make an application, you might find that you get rejected. You’ve wasted your time, those rejections may be hurting your credit score even more, you’re frustrated, and at the end of the day, you still didn’t get that badly needed loan.
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Under these circumstances, people sometimes consider Payday Loans. Although these are quite accessible, they are horribly expensive with soaring interest rates. Except for very small amounts for emergency needs– for example for an urgent and vital vehicle repair – and which you will be able to pay back quickly, these are not a great way to borrow money for those with poor credit. They are simply too expensive.
BadCreditLoans.com believes that you shouldn’t be penalized for past mistakes, if you are now capable of handling a loan responsibly. You want to move ahead with your life, and you need a financial boost in the form of a sensible loan to do just that.
Instead of searching for a loan on your own, BadCreditLoans.com enables you to approach a number of possible lenders with just one easy application.
BadCreditLoans.com was established in 1998, and has built up a good reputation for being able to help people just like you get the loan that they need at the best possible terms. This BadCreditLoans.com review will explain the pros and cons of using this service, how you can benefit from it, and how to make the best of the BadCrediLoans.com services.

How BadCreditLoans.com Works With Your Bad Credit History?

bad credit score
If you have a bad credit score, it’s still possible to get a loan. If your score is on the better side of bad – maybe 500 or more – there is a chance that you can get a loan at pretty reasonable terms by using BadCreditLoans.com. You will be required to repay your loan within three to thirty six months, so this is not designed for longer term borrowing. And of course, interest rates for people with poor credit scores are inevitably going to be higher than normal, but you might be surprised and find that you qualify for something that is just a little easier than you expected.
This is also a great service for people who have no credit history – and as mentioned a surprising number of Americans are the so called “credit invisible” – perhaps having had no previous need to borrow – as many as 26 million of you!
BadCreditLoans.com will take all your details, including of course your credit report and any current debts you might have, and then will shop around amongst lenders to find you one who will be prepared to lend to you. At this point, you will begin dealing directly with the lender itself, and BadCreditLoans.com’s involvement ends there as far as you are concerned. (The company makes its living by earning commission on successful referrals, and so it has every interest in making sure that your potential lender is a good fit for you, and that your application is accepted.)

14 Approved Reasons For Loan From BadCreditLoan.com Network

Debt Consolidation Emergency Situation Auto Repair Auto Purchase
Moving Home Improvement Medical Business
Taxes Rent Or Mortgage Vacation Wedding
Major Purchase Student-Related / Education

Representative Loan Sample

For example, a $2,000 cash loan subject to a 19.9% representative APR to be repaid over a period of 12 months and a monthly payment of $183.63, would entail a total repayment amount of $2,203.56.

Do You Qualify To Be Considered For a Loan? Pre-Screening

BadCreditLoans.com does some basic pre-screening, so to apply you need to be over 18 years old, a US citizen or permanent resident, to have a social security number, a driver’s license or state id number, a checking or savings account, and a regular source of income (which can be from employment, self-employment or social security). Loans offered are for a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $5000, so if you need to borrow less or more than this, you will need to look elsewhere. Although your details will be submitted to a number of potential lenders, there is just one application to make which covers all of them.
If you have a poor credit score that might imply that you struggle with your finances, so it’s best to limit borrowing to the following important needs:

  • Mortgages and housing
  • Emergency medical care
  • Education
  • Critical household and vehicle repairs
  • Business needs

Credit Pre-Screening
BadCreditLoans.com will ask the purpose of your loan, so be ready to answer this question. They advise that these kinds of loans should not be need for frivolous, non-essential items such as a holiday or a TV. This kind of borrowing just tends to make a person’s financial position worse.

It’s very tempting when surrounded by all the great consumer goods which are on offer to us, to feel that we can’t manage without a particular item. And that is what advertisers rely on – our desires and our wants, not just our needs. After all, do we really need the very latest phone, when the old one was the object of desire just a few short months ago. If you don’t have a phone, and you need to be on call for work, then it makes sense to get a loan to buy a phone, if it’s just to be up to date, and have the latest thing, then it’s really not worth stressing yourself and your budget and borrowing money, maybe expensive money, to get one.

Another important thing to think about is that you shouldn’t be borrowing money to pay off a previous debt if it is costing you more, and you have to pay back over a considerably longer time.

Banks can often be very unsympathetic to the needs of owners of small new businesses. You don’t yet have a track record or trading figures to show the potential of your business, but you have great confidence in yourself, your plans, and your business. BadCreditLoans.com can step in and help you get that loan which you need for equipment, raw materials, even advertising and marketing, enabling you to move on with your business without starving it of much needed financial inputs. Many small businesses die because they are starved of cash at the beginning, when they most need it. BadCreditLoans.com can help you avoid this common pitfall.

Can BadCreditLoans.com Help Me In Other Ways?

BadCreditLoans.com is an ethical company, and on their site you will find a lot of sensible advice about borrowing, financial planning, and the best way to manage credit.
badcreditloans.com support
If credit cards have been a problem for you, BadCreditLoans.com can also organize a secured credit card, backed by money deposited in your credit union or bank account, which secures your payments. This can allow you to have the flexibility of a credit card, and it will also allow you to gradually build back your reputation for being able to handle a credit card responsibly. Typically these cards carry a higher interest rate than usual, so it’s a great idea to pay of as much as you can each month, and also to make those payments a little early.

Their web site offers some great articles which take a lot of the mystery out of everyday finances. Advice on how to repay loans fast, how to get a mortgage, how to negotiate with lenders, and above all, how to raise your credit score helps you find your way through the money swamp. One of the best articles offers you tips on how to pay off your loans fast, which will really help build your credit score. Other articles deal with the aftermath of bankruptcy, mortgages, and much more.

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